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One More Time With Feeling

Last Thursday marked the latest in a string of super successful parties. And by “parties” I mean orgies. It was a testament to the thriving libidos of our fine Seattlites (and visiting friends) that we partied on in spite of all the madness of the last few weeks. Although since none of the participants were […]

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Party!! And Party Dress Assistance Required

It seems like only yesterday that I went to my very first TRB party. There was dancing (hello Twinkle Toes!!), laughing, and I met so, so many wonderful people. It was not yesterday. That was back in October at the Halloween party. Time certainly does fly when you are having fun! Now it is already […]

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Do you like what you do for work?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: I am offering a service and clients understand that they purchase my time. I work of my own volition as an independent provider. I report to no one, have neither boss nor bureaucracy to deal with, create my own schedule as companion to my revolving academic calendar… what’s […]